Our Board of Directors

Founder & Executive Director of Home4Me

Donna Lee Reed

Growth Coach & Strategist, Motiovational & Inspirational Speaker and Author 

Ms. Reed was raised in foster care and is a sought after Keynote Motivational & Inspirational Speaker & Preacher with a unique and compelling way of inspiring her listeners to take action on following their dreams, persuing their passion and making things happen. Her passion is in the field of  foster care and adoption, empowering women, and entrepreneurial and church/ministry development. 

Home4Me Chairperson

Lisa SantiagoMcNeill

Founder of Empowerment Publishing Multi-Media
Entrepreneurial Coach
Charlotte, NC
Lisa has experienced homelessness and abuse as a teenager on her own since the age 13 after running away from her abuser and is very passionate about empowering youth, foster care, and entrepreneurship. She is married to the “Sales Rhino” Brian McNeill.

Home4Me Vice Chairperson

Judith L. Bentley

Resource & Insurance Consultant
Health Benefits Specialist and Consultant
Charlotte, NC
Judith is very passionate about senior citizens and youth and intergenerational programing. Judith oversees all of our events.

Education Consultant - Advisor

Dr. Gerald Martin

Leadership Coach – Educational Consultant
Retired 30 years Middle School Principal
Hartford, CT
Dr. Martin is a retired middle school principal who has returned to the field of education as a consultant. Dr. Martin has rebuilt school infrastructures and is a sought after consultant. Dr. Martin also happens to be the biological uncle of the founder of Home4Me. Ms. Reed wrote a book about her search for her biological family which is how she met her Uncle Gerry and when she realized where her passion for youth education and development comes from.

Non-Profit/Human Resource Consultant

Dr. Jean Harvey

Human Resources
Non-Profit Consultant
Concord, NC
Dr. Harvey is a consultant in the field of and very passionate about foster care and adoption 

Financial - Entrepreneurial Coach

Jay Mattier

Financial Coach and Small Business Development Consultant Retired Business Development & Finance Professional Charlotte, NC                                                                                                                      Mr. Jay Mattier is a financial advisor, trainer, business consultant and entrepreneur.  Jay is very passionate about foster care and youth and young adults starting their own businesses and being financially successful.

Entrepreneurial Coach

Dr. Christine Kozachuk

Founder of Every Girl Wins, Inc. Entrepreneur Charlotte, NC Dr. Kozachuk was a teenage bride and mother giving birth at age 13 and married to an abuser at 14 years old having 3 children by him before escaping his abuse with the help of her aunt who found out what she was facing. Dr. Kozachuk became a board member of Home4Me in 2018 when the board was formed.  She is the founder of Every Girl Wins nonprofit empowering girls in the US and in Africa.

Personal Journey Coach

Paula Lesso

Founder of Personal Journey Coaching, guiding women and young adults through pivotal points in their life, career, empty nests and relationship, moving forward with new joy, purpose and fulfillment. Paula is also an Author and Speaker.  She believes that every child needs (deserves) a safe and happy environment to blossom. 

College Student - A Voice for Teens in Foster Care

Tionna Lee Reed

Tionna is a Sophomore Culinary and Hospitality Major at Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC. Tionna is passionate about children and youth having everything they need to be happy in life. Adoption and Foster Care is important to hear and she strives to be a voice for youth in foster care. Tionna is a Cheerleading Coach and aspires to be a Youtuber to inspire her audience to put their trust in God and let Him lead them to their passions and success.   

College Student - A Voice for Teens in Foster Care

Kay Riley

Kay Riley is a junior at the Ohio State University, she plans to spot graduate with her bachelors and go on to earn her masters. Her goal is to open up her own facility for struggling women, to help the, get back on their feet emotionally and physically. She is also very passionate about health and well-being! Kay plans to incorporate her mental health background and her ability to help individuals get into shape together. Kay is a registered Behavior Technician who works those those who are  developmentally challenge. Kay aspires to be a mouth piece for the lord, by spreading her truth throughout her social media.