Our Approach

Our Goal

Our Goal is to reach teens in foster care and provide family style support and events so teens know there is someone there for them and they have a voice and genuine support for a positive, productive and a prosperous future.

We believe that every teen aging out of foster care should have the same options as a youth with parents. 

We believe every teen aging out of foster care should have the option to attend the educational training and/or the college of their choice and their tuition should be paid. 

Statistics say that 70% of teens in foster care desire to attend college yet less than 3% graduate due to lack of support, guidance, finances and housing. 

Our target populations are teens ages 13-19 in foster care and youth ages 20 plus that are aged out of foster care desiring to attend an HBCU. The majority of the youth we serve are disproportionately youth of color.  

Home4Me Our Mission

Home4Me mission is to be a voice for teens in foster care providing Hope, Opportunities, Mentoring, Education (HOME); and a sense of family while taking the concerns of homelessness for those aging out of the foster care system.

LEG up on LIFE - Strategy - Mentors

LEG up on LIFE®  is the program and strategy using Home4Me college student interns as the CONNECTORS/MENTORS utilizing the LEG up on LIFE curriculum to guide teens in foster care to their career, educational path, college, housing, and opportunities for a healthy and financially successful life style.

LEG up on LIFE Curriculum consists of: coaching, leadership training; personal development; skill and talent development; college prep and educational direction; entrepreneurial and career training; financial literacy and nutrition; independent living skills; health and wellness resources preparing youth and young adults to transition from foster care safely and successfully into society.