Home4Me “A Voice for Teens in Foster Care”

While Taking the Concerns of Homelessness from Teens Aging Out of Foster Care.

Home4Me Wins Nonprofit Award

Home4Me “A Voice for Teens Aging Out of Foster Care” receives the Non-Profit of the Year Award from Charlotte’s most prestigious African American Magazine.

Right: Donna Lee Reed, Founder & Executive Director of Home4Me, and JaQuon who shared his testimony from abandoned houses and cars to drug use and suicidal attempts to a 4.0 Biology student at Livingstone College!  

If you are aging out of foster care and would like to earn a bachelors degree contact Home4Me or Livingstone College.  
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Benefiting Teens in & Young Adults Aged Out of Foster Care

Historic Partnership! Home4Me and Livingstone College Partner to Eliminate the Concerns of Homelessness for Teens Aging Out of Foster Care and Desiring to Earn a Bachelors Degree

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Health - Healing - Housing & Helping Foster Youth Navigate a Their Future...

Home4Me “A Voice for Teens in Foster”  is a 501c3  nonprofit organization providing Hope, Opportunities, Mentoring, Education (HOME) and — a sense of family — for teens aging out of foster care and those who aged out attending college.  Teens age out of the foster care system on their 18th birthday and their resources end!  Think about that for a moment! If they do not have a plan, a place or parents they will become homeless. Together we can change the outcomes for our aging out teens! Navigate the Home4Me website for the events, our approach,  programs, and how you can get involved!  

A Message from the Founder & Executive Director - Donna Lee Reed

Because of You,  there is a Home4me! That is what I think of when I think of Mary and Freddie Johnson. I was left in the hospital at birth and ultimately in an orphanage until the day Mary Johnson walked in the door and saw a little one sitting in a corner, looking around with eyes filled with little hope. 

She tells the story that it only took one look and she called my father and said, “Freddie we are going to have a little girl.” I became that little girl they didn’t have and they became the parents that would change my life forever, and create a safe home for me, and opportunities that would bless my future. When I turned 18 years old I thought I knew enough, I moved a thousand miles away from home only to discover I was not ready for the world that I was now all alone in. Married at 18 thinking that was a safety net, I ended up escaping the abusive marriage with 3 babies at the age of 22. Determined not to be a statistic and learning from the opportunities I had growing up, is what kept me on a path to a successful life despite my circumstances. 

Now, my life is dedicated and my eyes are filled with vision and my heart is filled with determination to partner with those who desire to make a difference in the lives of teens that are in and aging out of foster care so when we look into their eyes they see a successful, safe, happy and healthy future. 

You can be the Mary and Freddie Johnson in the life of a foster teen or alumni by volunteering, bonding, mentoring, and/or donating to this worthy and much-needed mission to provide Hope – Opportunities – Mentoring – Education to every teen aging out of foster care. Please take time to learn what happens to teens that age out of foster care on their 18th birthday and most important how your support can change the outcome of their future!

Every foster teen deserves to say there is a Home4Me and an opportunity to attend the college of their choice and succeed in life and you can be that difference! 

Donna Lee Reed, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Life and Success Coach, Pastor and Author of “Life is a Puzzle, Until You Find the Missing Pieces!” (the story of her resolve to move through life overcoming obstacles, abuse, alcohol, and her search for her biological parents that lead her to some of life greatest challenges. The pieces of the puzzle came together to cause Donna to become a successful business woman and sought after motivational speaker and coach).  Learn more about Donna at DonnaLeeReed.com


Together We Win

The  Cookbook that was written from the Heart for the Heart to Benefit Teens Aging Out of Foster Care

Together We Win

Are You the Class of 2024? Aging Out of Foster Care? and
Desire to Attend College to Earn a Bachelors Degree?
If the answer to all 3 Questions is YES-Contact Us Today!!!

Together We Win

LEG up on LIFE 2024

LEG up on LIFE (January – June) meets weekly on Zoom and host several events that are planned with input of the participants. LUOL is an engaging experience preparing teens and young adults with life skills, college prep and for a prosperous, healthy, and successful future! Each participant will be matched with a mentor to stay on their success track! Contact us today for registration details!

Send Your Name to TBAGS.Home4Me@Gmail.com 

Together We Win

The ConnectGen Project

The ConnectGen Project: 

A holistic family style approach to creatively address the health and wellness gap! 

ConnectGen bridges intergenerational relationships through activities between teens and adults developing a generational bond to build and strengthen their physical, mental, nutritional, psychological, educational, social, financial, and emotional wellness.

What We Do

Year Round

LEG up on LIFE

LEG up on LIFE is the program and strategy designed to guide teens  ages 13-15, 16-19 and 20+ through their formative years into a successful future, college, a trade, entrepreneurship or a career.   LEG = Leadership – Entrpreneurship – Grooming and LIFE = Living Skills – Innovative Choices – Financial Literacy – Educational Paths. Currently the youth/young adults meet virtually once a week and then their mentor contacts them to ensure they stay on track.  See (Our Approach)


Year Round

Together We Win

“Together We Win” is the Home4Me partnership with HBCU Colleges, the Community, Corporations & Churches to collaborate human and capital resources,  for the success and future of our teens aging out of foster. When we come together our youth win!

“Together We Win” Partnering to provide housing, hope, opportunities, mentors and education to ensure a positive, productive and prosperous outcome for youth aging out of foster care. 

Annually in September


The National Family Empowerment Conference and EXPO brings together resources, organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs that impact and empower the family.  The NFECandEXPO provides a national platform to address and provide solutions to social determinates of health. The conference  provides education and resources to families, churches, colleges, providers and the community around Foster Care, Health, Healing, Housing and Helping Our Youth Navigate Their Future. NFECandEXPO.com

Year Round Need


Teens that are in foster care know that the chance of them being adopted into a forever family is slim to none so preparing them for their future and their 18th birthday is critical. Youth in foster care can move to several locations, houses, or group homes before they turn 18 and the stigma of them receiving trash bags to move their items is very real. The Fill-A-Suitcase with the items that belong to them gives the teens a sense of dignity when they move from place to place.

Annually in August

Ultimate Birthday Party

Ultimate Birthday Party is creatively designed for teens in foster care which gives them an incredible experience and opportunity to celebrate their birthday. Many teens in foster care have never had their own party. The ultimate party allows the teens to be themselves with their peers. They sing, dance, play games, water balloons, musical chairs, draw, eat, laugh and have fun. They receive personalized birthday cards, gifts, cakes, and fun! 

Annual Fundraiser

"Because of You" Gala

The “Because of You” Gala is our annual fundraiser and opportunity to appreciate our supporter, sponsors, volunteers, and youth.  Everyone will enjoy an elegant evening of Music, Dinner, Silent Auction, Dance, Entertainment, and many pleasant surprises that makes the Because of You Gala a must attend event.  The youth are very instrumental in the planning of the NFECandEXPO and the gala. Because of You there will be a Home4Me. 

Year Round Dec and August

H4M College Kit

The Home4Me – College Kit includes the items youth need for their dorm,  or first apartment ater aging out. 

College Kit Includes: microwave, dorm refrigerator, food containers/utensils, hamper, household & personal items, a Bed-in-a-Bag, Fill-a-Suitcase and individual essentials that are needed. 

Bed-in-a-Bag Includes: Matching set of Sheets (flat & fitted), Comforter, Pillow cases, Pillow Shams & Bed Skirt. 

Fill-a-Suitcase Includes: New Suitcase, sheet set, towels sets, umbrella, socks, pillow, Gift Card, and Resources.

Year Round


It is our goal is to give every teen in foster care a Bed-in-a-Bag. When they move from place to place they go into to someone elses room, on someone elses bed and someone elses pillow. Their own bedding will allow them to take their bedding wherever they go and assures us they are warm. 

Year Round and in December

Blankets, Bikes & Bags

Blanket are important to ensure that youth are warm wherever they are. If the place is cold we know they are warm, if it is warm they can kick off the blanket and if the blanket is used for a sense of security we know they have what they need. 

Bikes are important to youth aged out of foster care for transportation to work and college.

Strategically when possible we give backpacks and string bags in place of paper gift bags for reuseable purposes and bags always contain resources.